my name is Chaya
and I have been here in the design world for over 30 years.
I founded Tango Design in 2001, as a direct continuation of my extensive activities abroad, tours and trips that exposed me to a whole world of design starting with Scandinavian minimalist design,
Through traditional English design to the changing design
and changes frequently in China, India, Philippines
And in many other places around the world.

All items on the site are imported exclusively by Tango Design Ltd.
and marketers to the finest design stores throughout the country.

Today, design consumption is an inseparable part of our lives.

Fashion, desire, desire, longing and sometimes also dwelling on the past,
All these make us innovate and renew,
Indulge and pamper, change and upgrade corners and rooms in the house and garden.

Come with me on a virtual tour of my world of colors.

A wide range of shapes, textures, natural and artificial materials, atmosphere items for designing every corner of the house,
On the terrace and in the courtyard.

The fine collection of items, which I have collected for you all over the world, can also be found in my clients,
In the selected design stores in Israel and also in the design complex in Moshav Herut (arrival must be arranged in advance)

Store owners, commerce sites, galleries and designers are welcome to apply for a coupon code for a commercial purchase.

Tango Design adds color to your life – come and join the celebration.