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MALU collectible porcelain doll

A doll with a unique and authentic appearance in a dark skin color and a particularly colorful outfit

The doll is impressive in its appearance and presence.

The height of the doll is 50 cm and it is called MALU.

An original collector’s certificate is attached to the doll.

The porcelain dolls are spectacular works of art, made from ancient porcelain. They show evidence of the skill of the artists who created them, and they are considered expensive decorative items. Porcelain is a ceramic material rich in kaolinite, which has been fired after drying. The color of the porcelain is white, but it can be decorated and varied in many colors. The porcelain dolls show artistry, delicacy and aesthetics, and are popular among collectors and art lovers. They can be part of a personal collection or be used as decorative items in homes and balconies. The porcelain vessels are created in a complex process, and they require high skill to create the delicate and complex details in them. The porcelain dolls are spectacular creations that fit into the world of art and aesthetics.

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