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Miniature sports shoe figurine

The statuette is made of porcelain with a fabric lace and simulates exactly a sports shoe with a level of finish and wonderful subtleties. The size of the figurine is 9×4.5 cm and its height is 5.5 cm

One of the less common items that I have collected for you on hunting trips for vintage items

I make such trips several times a year around the world.

All this to renew and enrich the selection of items available on the site as well as in the company’s physical hangar.

You are invited to come and take a look at the many items in the showroom in Moshav Harot and the vintage hangar in Moshav Ein Vared.

A small glimpse, a wonderful escapism into the world of items that combines modern and contemporary design with touches of the past and wonderful pieces of history.


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