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THE COOK porcelain doll

This is one doll from a huge doll collection that travels and collects and chooses on vintage shopping trips all over the world.

I purchased this doll in the town of Julian, California.

Typical clothing of a rural kitchen worker.

The height of the doll is 50 cm

Dolls are a sought-after collectible among vintage and antique enthusiasts.

The first dolls were made of wood, wax, porcelain or composite (wood shavings and glue and later sawdust and glue). Later materials such as celluloid, rubber and of course plastic were incorporated.

Antique dolls were painted by hand and great attention was paid to the eyebrows and eyelashes as they are the ones that will create the unique facial expression for each doll.

And here is an article that will illustrate how important porcelain dolls and collectibles can be to collectors.


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